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In the ever-changing world of technology, employees and clients alike have either switched to Office 365 or are contemplating making the move. EConsortium has put together a simple but comprehensive overview of this Microsoft platform and how it can be accessed from anywhere your work takes you. Office 365 fosters increased productivity and collaboration, provides robust security and reliability, and improved control and efficiency for IT, in addition to many other features.

Click below to view a presentation about how Office 365 can improve your business:

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EConsortium is a certified Microsoft CIE (Customer Immersion Experience) Partner.  If you are currently using Office 356, or you want to see how it can improve your company and your work, attend a Customer Immersion Experience session. We’ll explore how Microsoft products can help you change the way you do business, from connecting with employees and encouraging collaboration to leveraging data and securely working from anywhere.

Please contact EConsortium about scheduling a CIE session or to learn more about how Office 365 can benefit your business.

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